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Emergency Contact Numbers :

  • (515) 282-2921  
  • (515) 247-3970
  • (515) 223-6605

Above numbers will put you in touch with your regular oncology physician and nurse during regular business hours and with the on-call physician and nurse at nights and weekends. 

Phone calls at night and weekends should be limited to true emergencies (please call during regular business hours to renew prescriptions and to inquire about billings or appointments as the on-call physician and nurse will not be able to help you with these routine requests). Patients are encouraged to call the office first rather than going to a hospital emergency room unless problem is something such as a heart attack, significant bleeding or a fractured bone.

Appointments and Prescription Refills:

Please contact our Des Moines offices in which you receive care during business hours

  • Mercy Cancer Center - (515) 247-3970
  • John Stoddard Cancer Center of Methodist Hospital - (515) 282-2921
  • Mercy West Cancer Center - (515) 223-6605

Patient Portal Access:

If you are a current patient and would like to request access to our patient portal, please call (515) 282-2921 ext 529.


Notice Informing Individuals About Nondiscrimination and Accessibility Requirements